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"This needs to be a Netflix series! It reminds me of "Little House on the Prarie." Hey, Netflix, pay attention! :)" 

"This story is amazing! I had no idea about that this happened in the U.S. during the Great Depression. This would make a great movie, series and book. I'd definitely watch it!!"

"My daughter is Elisabeth’s age, and as parent, this story strikes close to home & hits every nerve I have. Sometimes these posts make me sad. Sometimes fearful. Sometimes joyful. Other times they leave me amazed by the human element & ability to persevere through such trials. Perhaps Elisabeth was more optimistic than some - maybe she was a glass half full girl. How did she muster such courage? Good upbringing? Faith? Loving parents? How did she do it? Or did kids suffer from depression & anxiety and all that stuff - as they do today, but there was nobody there to listen, they were more worried about feeding their families?"

"Your grandmother was a very prolific writer! Thank you for sharing her story through her diary! I think she would have loved what you’re doing! 👏👏👏"

"I am sharing these posts with our 97 year old grandmother. She is beside herself with delight. She said they are so relatable to her because they accurately describe how things were. She takes great pride in passing down information on how things were when she was young. Your post have prompted her to share many stories of her own. Your grandma’s diaries really are a treasure and we are better for you sharing them!!"

"I keep and create journals/diaries as a hobby. I loooove reading historic diaries but could you imagine if a little bird told Elizabeth "one day there will be an inventions called the internet which will allow your future family members to read your diary entries and private thoughts to people all over the world through handheld devices. " 🤯 😳😂"

"I am loving your podcasts! This time in history makes a powerful backdrop to Elizabeth's story, and I love how she was living history with the usual heart of a young girl (lookin' to catch a fella!). Thanks so much for your work!"

"I think I already told you how much I like this project. I specifically like the way that even though the journal entries repeat between the podcast and the reels, you always add something different that does not appear in the other media. Congratulations for so much research, as a historian I really appreciate the passion you put into it. Greetings from Argentina :)"

"These diaries belong in a museum after this project! Thanks for sharing the stories with us 🙏🏼"

"Wow! It’s so fun being apart of this ever changing puzzle!"

"It's become therapeutic for me watching these videos. A simpler time."

"Just started listening to your podcast- I love how you add detail about the people mentioned and about the broader context of the times she was living in during this diary."

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